What is a Digital Nomad?

According to Wikipedia, here is the definition:

Digital nomads are people who conduct their life in a nomadic manner while engaging in remote work using digital telecommunications technology. Such people generally have minimal material possessions and work remotely in temporary housing, hotels, cafes, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles, using Wi-Fismartphones or mobile hotspots to access the Internet.[1][2][3][4][5] Some digital nomads are perpetual travelers, while others are only nomadic for a short period of time. While some nomads travel through various countries, others focus on one area. Some may engage in vandwelling.[6] In 2020, a research study found that 10.9 million American workers described themselves as digital nomads, an increase of 49% from 2019.[6]

Digital nomads are often younger remote workersbackpackers, retired or semi-retired persons, snowbirds, and/or entrepreneurs.